TDIS Solving Problmes in THIS Era

Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop (TDIS) is the newest and highest level of cross-boundary innovation entity in NCTU. Pronounce like “THIS”, TDIS is expected to create innovations and solve problems in “THIS” era.


Greening the Future

Based on the previous achievements of NCTU at Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, NCTU Team TDIS is trying to reach further progress in green energy research and green architecture design. Team TDIS is not only a “Think Tank” but also a “Do Tank”, creating a better and greener future.


Innovation, Collaboration and Promotion

TDIS has a working team and supporting faculties, researchers and students. We continuously engage in international innovation activities focusing on global issues. We committed to research and development, Industry-Academia Collaboration and promotion of applied research by way of architectural building. Comprising different fields such as substantial materials, architectural systems and smart living.


Sharing good news of Solar Decathlon to Worldwide

Solar Decathlon is not only a competition but also a education program for universities and society. We want to take the chance to deliver the values of Solar Decathlon and sharing our solutions for everyone. Through a series of events and media activities, we want to share our research of sustainable design and strategy, rising up social awareness of sustainable environment.



Project Creative Action Base (CAB)

CAB, Creative Action Base, is an urban-designed low carbon solution that provides space for people to connect and creates more working opportunities. Through resource recycle and sharing, CAB also gives older cities a better chance to develop, establish a comfortable and convenient living environment, and leads both the cities and humans into a sustainable future.

Home page團照壓縮
Home page團照壓縮


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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