–  E
xtreme weather

–  Garbage treatment

–  Urban Aging without young people and new economy

–  The concrete buildings in subtropical regions are not comfortable for living

– The shortage of non-renewable energy

–  High amount of energy lost during energy transmission leads to a high carbon footprint

–  Rapid growth of cities

–  Insufficient infrastructure

–  Abandoned space



–  Minimize CO2 Emission in whole architecture lifecycle (Construction, Operation, Demolition)

–  Urban regeneration instead of urban renewable and rebuild

–  Invent a new way of construction for Subtropical regions

–  Solar Energy replace fossil energy



–  Half of the Carbon footprint compared to usual similar house

–  Gathering Global Young Entrepreneurs in old district

–  Create a comfort living space, include in door and out door space

–  Using Renewable energy for living and moving



–  Modular and pre-cast building lower the on site construction

–  By using efficient energy to make people happy

–  Urban Service

–  Sharing Program with Green Economy

–  International young entrepreneur policies

–  Energy Management

–  Create circular economy in urban and architecture scale (using recycle or recycable materials)



–  A prototype for smart and comfort urban living. (Share Living & Share Office)

–  Design a prototype for different urban condition. For new street furniture, new villa / old building regeneration, new high rise housing. Assemble a new villa type for SDME site

–  Demostrate a garbage recycle company model like miniwiz or spring pool glass



Reusing land in old cities

–  Attract new businesses

–  Increasing job opportunities in old cities

–  Connecting the local community and global community